Green Smoothie for Weight Loss Cheat Sheet


Do you find yourself throwing together a quick green smoothie in the morning rush, only to forget the core ingredients with benefits that started you down this healthy journey in the first place? I’ve been finding myself in this boat a lot lately, so I made this printable Green Smoothie for Weight Loss Cheat Sheet for easy reference in the kitchen to share with you!

The green smoothie ingredients you’ll find are what I used to shed 28 pounds and 9 inches off my post twin pregnancy belly:

Green Smoothie for Weight Loss Cheat Sheet

Green Smoothie for Weight Loss

Drinking green smoothies is an easy and effortless way to start losing weight. There are many incredible benefits of green smoothies in addition to weight loss, such as glowing skin and increased energy. I also personally healed my nearsightedness through green smoothies and was able to get rid of the eyeglasses and contacts that I’ve worn since high school!

Try to plan ahead during the weekend and do your green smoothie prep for healthy breakfast on the go for the whole week in 20 minutes or less!

You can experiment and mix and match different ingredient combinations. For the spices and herbs, try both the powder form and fresh leaves, roots, and adjust the quantity to taste.

There are two superfoods I always like to add to my green smoothies, as they can increase your body’s ability to digest and absorb the nutrients in the smoothie. If we are making the effort to eat healthily, why not ensure that we are giving our body the best chance to fully utilize all the nutrients?

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